Subcommittee Vice Chair - Pipeline Subcommittee

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Signup Deadline: 10-30-2017
Starts: 10-31-2017
Ends: 03-31-2021


We are seeking a Pipeline Subcommittee Vice Chair to serve through April 2018, who then has the option to apply for Chair at C2018, which is a 3-year term, who will be responsible for affairs of the subcommittee (SC) at and between meetings, contributing to meeting agendas and presentations, adherence to the policies in the Education Operating Manual, preparing quarterly reports for the Education Committee, and managing roster for the subcommittee.


  • NACE member in good standing
  • Subject matter expert of the whole educational program for which they are responsible


  • Can not be a member of the NACE Institute

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)




Melanie Diaz

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